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Soundworks welcomes one and all, seeking acoustical solutions and services. Established in 2003, Mr. Harsha Kumar, CEO and Founder, and the Soundworks team have been solving soundproofing, noise control and various acoustical problems for over 13 years since it’s inception. With completion of over 500 projects (and counting) the company is determined to bring to the table revolutionary ideas, turnkey solutions and innovative engineering for all aspects of acoustics ensuring aesthetic designs and more importantly conformity to strict quality standards and guidelines.

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Our Mission

To exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering the most innovative and high-performance solutions in the field of Acoustics.

Our Vision

To become the source of world class Acoustical Products & Solutions that help achieve better acoustics & noise control.

Our Values

Everything we do as a team is defined by our dedication to the client – our responsiveness, innovative approach & expertise in the field.

Our Focus

Suggesting the right product and services to satisfy the client’s needs is the core factor of our organization and our focus.

Our Projects

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Our Service

By utilizing our in-depth knowledge of Acoustics, along with our in-house applications, architectural acoustic designs, wide range of acoustical products, installation methods, consultations and service, Soundworks has the expertise to assist and is fully able to offer tailor-made solutions that are to your exact requirements at cost-effective prices.

Acoustic Consultancy

  • Drawings/Project Assessments
  • Site Condition Checks
  • Noise Mapping
  • Acoustical Analysis & Design Development
  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Pre-determined Parametric Solutions
  • Use of state of the art Acoustical Analyzers
  • Tendering & Finalization (if required)

Unique Acoustical Showroom

  • Showcasing Acoustical Products
  • Sound Absorption & Isolation Panels
  • Soundproof Doors & Windows
  • Acoustical Curtains
  • Acoustic Friendly Chairs
  • AV Solutions
  • Test Booths
  • Audiometric Booths

Turnkey Solutions

  • Complex undertakings
  • Addressing human and technological factors
  • Assessment of the requirement
  • Audio and/or Visual consideration
  • Right product and Precise Installation
  • Seamless integration of product, installation & site conditions
  • Achieving predetermined results
  • Effectively and ergonomically meet the client’s needs

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On the basis of performance, capabilities and merits we are a carefully recruited team that has been trained to bring out the attributes of focus, dedication and expertise in every individual‘s skill set to remain at par with the unending acoustic industrial advancements.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." It’s the only reason why Soundworks strives at this everyday... always willing to find the next step in exceeding our customer's expectations.

Whatever we suggest we’ll never compromise on quality. We work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure that we provide high quality, high-performance acoustical products at a great price. It doesn’t matter if your focus is acoustics, cost or aesthetics (or all three), we will advise you on the best products to suit your needs.

The need for soundproofing and acoustical treatments for commercial & residential spaces has been growing dramatically during the past few years. Noise pollution is out of control in our expanding cities and suburbs showing adverse effects of on sleep, learning, productivity and the overall quality of life. Soundworks was established to offer solutions to bad acoustics. A dynamic team of experts collaborate to achieve our mission: Enhancing the sound of your world.

We provide acoustical solutions for auditoriums, office spaces, sports arenas, restaurants, clubs and lounges, malls, studios, home theatres, banquet halls, lecture halls, board rooms, conference rooms, jamming rooms, recording studios, TV and radio studios, worship facilities, healthcare centres, etc. Soundworks aims to provide state of the art acoustical recommendations, products and efficient solutions for clients who have a serious need.


"The product is high quality and was a perfect fit for my project. I would definitely recommend to others. The material was just what I wanted and the service was excellent."


SOUNDWORKS took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work.


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