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By utilizing our in-depth knowledge of Acoustics, along with our in-house applications, architectural acoustic designs, wide range of acoustical products, installation methods, consultations and service, Soundworks has the expertise to assist and is fully able to offer tailor-made solutions that are to your exact requirements at cost-effective prices.

Acoustic Consultancy

  • Drawings/Project Assessments
  • Site Condition Checks
  • Noise Mapping
  • Acoustical Analysis & Design Development
  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Pre-determined Parametric Solutions
  • Use of state of the art Acoustical Analyzers
  • Tendering & Finalization (if required)
  • Soundworks is pleased to offer acoustical consultancy and engineering services. Soundworks undertake building acoustic designs for a wide range of projects. It can be as part of an upcoming project or the refurbishment of the acoustics of an existing project. Our Acoustic Engineers will help clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding the project from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning. Our team of engineers are available to visit a job site, conduct sound tests, analyse data, and provide a report with unbiased recommendations on how to solve any type of sound or noise related issues. Our team is skilled in evaluating architectural, industrial, and environmental applications.

    Unique Acoustical Showroom

  • Showcasing Acoustical Products
  • Sound Absorption & Isolation Panels
  • Soundproof Doors & Windows
  • Acoustical Curtains
  • Acoustic Friendly Chairs
  • AV Solutions
  • Test Booths
  • Audiometric Booths
  • Providing the right and innovative products to solve acoustical problems has been our mainstay since 2003. Along the way, we realized that many customers do not have the staff or know where to find the right acoustical products incorporate into their projects. Product selection is so crucial that even a minor mistake in the choice can become a costly one which then will have a total adverse effect on the overall project and results. Our product expert can advice on the best choice, keeping in view the project budget and requirements. Our products find their applications in projects that include auditoriums, gymnasiums, restaurants, office spaces, houses of worship, hospitals, schools, universities, residences, test labs, R&D centres etc.,

    Turnkey Solutions

  • Complex undertakings
  • Addressing human and technological factors
  • Assessment of the requirement
  • Audio and/or Visual consideration
  • Right product and Precise Installation
  • Seamless integration of product, installation & site conditions
  • Achieving predetermined results
  • Effectively and ergonomically meet the client’s needs
  • Many a times across many projects we have seen, acoustical products are not installed in the right way. It is not only the product selection but also the installation methods that matters most to achieve the best results. Our team of experts have successfully installed our products in some of the most crucial and demanding environments. If you want a perfect installation done, you can rely on us.

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    "I would definitely recommend your company. Your installation was first rate and installers were exceptional."


    "Mr. Harsha was very helpful. This was our second project and the panels look good and work well."


    "With the help of Soundworks' expertise, my audio workspace sounds like I never imagined it could. As a result, my work has never been better or more satisfying."



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    Acoustic Consultancy
    Unique Acoustical Showroom
    Turnkey Solutions